Convention 2021

Due to known limitations it was decided not to conduct convention of the Club in 2020. Though in this year, 2021, limitations practically were not changed, members of the Club pronounced in favor of holding the event. We have contacted “Nara” camping site where we had been conducting convention in 2019, they well remembered us and said they are ready to accommodate us. They just asked why we have decided to gather in September, not in the summer when it is warm. This time as usual dates of convention were chosen so as to be convenient to all participants and to avoid overlapping with the dates of conducting Speed Telegraphy World Championship to be held in Montenegro on September, 11 – 14.

So, convention is planned for September, 17 – 19. And as usual all HAMs with a penchant to CW are invited.                                   

Rout to U-QRQ-C 2021 convention site description.

0 km — Turn from MRHW to Simferopol Speed Highway, route M2                                                                                    You will pass by…

5,38 km — Bobrovo village

11,0 km — Bykovo village (Bykovo)

15,6 km — junction with Domodedovo highway, straight ahead

19,3 km — junction, straight ahead

21,8 km — Berezhki village, straight ahead

28,1 km — junction, straight ahead

42,3 km — railroad crossing

44,6 km — junction, straight ahead

51 km — junction, straight ahead

62 km – junction. Right turn 90 degrees to the part of Big Ring Road (third ring)

68 km — railroad crossing

71 km — left turn to Rodionovka village, 90 degrees to Old Simferopol highway

74 km — Vasil’yevskoye village

75 km — Syanovo village

76 km — Right turn 90 degrees to the part of Big Ring Road (third ring)

79 km — pass Sudimlya village then straight ahead

79 km — the road is crossed by the cutting with power pylons. Turn right to this cutting. Exit to earth road along this cutting. Drive on the right side of the cutting along the forest

80 km — Right turn from the cutting 90 degrees. Entrance to the forest on the earth road. Road through the forest

81 km — Final destination – “Nara” camping site. Convention site

Coordinates for the navigator:

Lat = 54,9700272    Lon = 37,3502755

Map and road orienting points

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Forest road is coated with asphalt now.

Three time meals and bed – RUB 2800.