UQRQC Contest 2019

After 1994 no UQRQC Contests were conducted. In 2019 was adopted decision to revive this contest. The Rules were left practically the same:


При подготовке Положения договорились с Олегом Вдовиным, UA9QCQ, о загрузке отчетов на его сайте Более того, Олег взялся провести полную сверку отчетов, и благодаря усилиям Олега и Валерия R2SA итоги стали известны уже через две недели. 

Results of UQRQC Contest 2019 Download PDF

UQRQC Contest-2020 RULES
2. DATE AND TIME: July 18, 2020 from 03:00 to 07:00 UTC.
A – UQRQC members, all bands;
B – single operator, all bands;
C – multi-operators, all bands, single transmitter.
Duplicate QSOs may be made only on different bands. At any moment the station may emit only one signal.
4. BANDS: 3510-3560, 7010-7040, 14010-14060, 21010-21080, 28010-28080 kHz
5. MODE: CW.
7. EXCHANGE: RST + serial number + name of the operator. Above that UQRQC members shall transmit after the slash their membership number.
– for any QSO with your own country from “R-150-S” award list – 2 points;
– for any QSO with another country from “R-150-S” award list on your own continent – 3 points;
– for any QSO with another continent – 4 points.
9. MULTIPLIER: The sum of points for a multiplier is defined as the number of QSOs with UQRQC members on all bands plus one point.
10. SCORING: Result is calculated as multiplication of sum of the points for the QSOs on all bands by the sum of the points for the multiplier.
Following QSOs will not be counted:
– with corrupted call signs and exchange numbers,
– with discrepancy in bands and in time of QSO of more than 2 minutes.
QSOs with the stations not submitted the logs will be counted if their callings will appear in 5 or more received logs.
11. AWARDS: Participants taking first places in their categories in overall standings will be awarded with prizes and pennants, taking second and third places – with pennants. Participants taking first, second and third places in their categories in overall standings, on their continents and in their countries will be awarded with electronic certificates. Special prizes will be awarded for highest number of QSOs conducted within one hour and for highest number of QSOs with UQRQC members.
12. LOGS: Logs in electronic form shall be sent via e-mail as attached file. File format is Cabrillo.
Call sign and category shall be indicated in the field “Theme” of the letter (Ex: RA3ABC B). Exchange numbers shall not have any space between the name and membership number.
Information about equipment and antennas, comments and suggestions in letter body are welcome.
The highest number of QSOs conducted within one hour is determined based on the first hour of the participant’s operation, unless otherwise specified in the participant’s log. Participants who want to specify a specific hour during which highest number of QSOs were conducted can do so in their log.
Logs shall be sent to: uqrqc(at)bk(dot)ru.
One may upload his log with checking the correctness of its execution at:
Deadline for sending the logs – August 03, 2020.

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