This year it turned impossible to conduct planned meeting in Radiograd, so we had to look for new place for the convention. There were various demands: not too far from Moscow, good transport route both for private cars and for public transport, accommodation – good if in the cottages, but the place for the tents would be good too. And nearby river would be nice indeed.

At proxy data camping site “Nara”, where Moscow HAMs regularly conducted their conventions conformed to all these conditions. First we looked at it at Moscow Radio Club web-site, and then we visited the place. It fulfilled our expectations – comfy cottages, from one to six beds, place for the tents, big dining room, volleyball court, nearby rivulet and even billiard saloon.


We have found also description of the route:
0 km — Turning from MRHW to Simferopol highway, route M2.
Then you pass:
5,38 km — Bobrovo village
11,0 km — Bykovka (Bykovo) village
15,6 km — Junction with Domodedovo highway, straight
19,3 km — Junction, straight.
21,8 km — Berezhki village, straight.
28,1 km — Junction, straight.
42,3 km — Railroad crossing.
44,6 km — Junction, straight.
51 km — Junction, straight.
62 km — Junction. Right turning, 90º, to Big Ringway (3rd ring).
68 km — Railway crossing.
71 km — Right turning Rodionovka village, 90º, to Old Simferopol highway.
74 km — Vasilyevskoe village.
75 km — Syanovo village.
76 km — Right turning, 90º, to Big Ringway (3rd ring).
79 km — Pass Sudimlya village, drive straight.
79 km — Road is crossed by cutting with power pylons. Left turning to this cutting. Exit (54.975040, 37.364534) to earth road (asphalt already) along the cutting. Then drive at right side of the cutting along the forest — Right turning from cutting, 90º, entrance into the forest on ground road. Road runs through the forest.
81 km — End point of the trip — camping site “Nara”. Place of conducting the convention.

Geographic coordinates of camping site for the navigator: lat=54,9700272, lon=37,3502755

Directions Moscow — Tula are shown.

Exit from the highway is indicated with red star (54.975040, 37.364534).
Exit is very well indicated by HV line — it is right above.

After the exit just in a couple of tens of meters asphalt road turns to the forest and ground road runs straight.

Drive on asphalt road into the forest. Then drive only straight. The road is bendy. There are a couple of turns but drive only straight. We shall try to install way markers. And standard two meters communication on 145.500 will also available.

By public transport one shall go to Avangard station from Kursky railroad station.

The either go by feet (7 km) or make telephone call or communicate on two meters (145.500) with organizers for they meet you on a car.

As of 13.09.2019 following persons have registered for participation in convention-2019:

1. LZ1LG — Arsenova Stefanka Golemanova (LZ3AS/XYL) — Dates: 13-15; Needs: lodging
2. LZ3AS/R5AZ — Arsenov Asen Zakhariev — Dates: 13-15; Needs: lodging
3. N3SY — Gavrenko Boris Pavlovich — Dates: 13-15; Needs: lodging
4. N3SY/QRP1 — Gavrenko Pavel Borisovich — Dates: 13-15; Needs: lodging
5. N3SY/QRP2 — Gavrenko Sergey Pavlovich — Dates: 13-15; Needs: lodging
6. N3SY/QRP3 — Gavrenko Maxim Pavlovich — Dates: 13-15; Needs: lodging
7. R2DK — Persikov Sergey Nikolaevich — Dates: 13-15; Needs: lodging
8. R2SA — Sidorov Valery — Dated: 13-15; Needs: lodging
9. R3GM — Kolenchuk Dmitry — Dates: 14-15; Needs: lodging
10. R3GM/XYL — Volkova Irina — Dates: 14-15; Needs: lodging
11. R3GM/QRP1 — Kolenchuk Maria — Dates: 14-15; Needs: lodging
12. R5GM — Manukovsky Yuri (ex:UA3GAZ, RW3GA) — Dates: 14-15; Needs: lodging
13. RA1AOM — Pavlov Valery Gennadyevich — Dates: 14-14; Needs: —
14. RA3AKF — Kozlov Aleksey Ivanovich — Dates: 12-15; Needs: lodging
15. RG3B — Kapitonov Pavel Yuryevich — Dates: 12-15; Needs: meeting + lodging
16. RK3P — Shushkov Eugeny — Dates: 13-15; Needs: lodging
17. RK3P/XYL — Shushkova Natalya — Dates: 13-15; Needs: lodging
18. RL2D — Malygin Vladimir — Dates: 13-15; Needs: lodging
19. RT3A — Khachaturov Konstantin Khachaturovich — Dates: 13-16; Needs: lodging
20. UA3AMY — Sutulov Vladimir Ivanovich — Dates: 14-14; Needs: —
21. UA3LDU — Sizov Vitaly — Dates: 13-15; Needs: lodging
22. UA9BA — Umanets Vladimir — Dates: 13-14; Needs: lodging
23. UF3A — Dubinin Andrew — Dates: 13-15; Needs: lodging

Messages at QRZ.RU forum.

Alexander UA3VFL: Boris P. Gavrenko N3SY visited me. He came to Pokrov city to visit his son and grandchildren. They all together will attend the convention.

Vladimir UA3AMY reported: Today after dinner time in MSK we were chattering on twenty with CHRIS F8DGY. We had a conversation about possibility to talk with the help of fingers… And we got so carried away that BRIAN VE3CRG came up and presented his respect. Brian is also member of our QRQ Club. He passed over greetings to the participants of our convention.

Vladimir UA9FAR: It is such a pity that I can not be with you this time and it is such a pity that we shall not meet with Lilia, EW7L. And we had tremendous plans… Lilia and I are celebrating jubilee this year – 50 years of our first meeting! Maybe some of you remember – this picture Sergey UA9FAL posted yet in period of preparations for the first Radiograd convention. I have drawn it up in such celebratory way and I was going to make souvenir printing of limited run on good paper but alas…

By our souls Lilia and I are together with you! And UA9FAL, I am sure is too as usual. Have a fun-filled time there, our friends!

P.S. By the way, Lilia and I entered competition in high-speed telegraphy discipline! But I do not remember now, who of us was the winner.
P.P.S. Sergey and I were looking at Lilia so amorously, that the girl got embarrassed.

Lilia EW7L: Aleksey EW7A, in spirit is also with you, guys! To support U-QRQ-C convention starting from this Wednesday Aleksey operates under special call sign EV73QRQ, which was issued namely for this event. It was supposed that we shall use it with slash: RA/EV73QRQ. But it went awry… Success — to the convention! Cheerful mind — to participants!

Dmitry RT5T: In my thoughts I am with you! Fully stirring life, with no possibility to break out. (This year I have got busy with antennas at last, so it is a good excuse, I am not just a hooky-player!) Good luck to everybody, will see you on the air and “live”!

Grigory R0AIB: Dear colleagues! I wish you success in conducting the convention and good impressions! Unfortunately I can not attend this year. 73!

Messages from the convention site:

Chief referee Valery R2SA: Cups and pennons for UQRQC Contest 2019 arrived to the convention.

Sergey RX3AKT with the help of quad copter raised and hooked to the pine wire antenna and got busy with shooting current events. It was especially interesting to watch how this buzzing wonder flied up to the window and peeped in billiard saloon with its objective.

Valery R2SA: From the site of the convention operates radio station RO3A. Give us a call!

Vitaly UA3LDU

RG3B: At the convention radio amateurs from 3 countries, 2 continents and 5 oblasts present. We could taste real Bulgarian rakia (vodka) and Uzbek pilaf.
RV2A: Fellows, by my soul I am together with you (fresh air, circle of friends and just like-minded people…) but by my body — I am here, in Spain, in stuffy shack with LP radio and surrogate antenna. But I keep wriggling! I follow the information from the convention. Hello to everybody! 73!

Vladimir UA3AMY prepares CW technique

Training and competing in disciplines per program by Vladimir UA3AMY.


Local cat joined the participants of the convention.

Pavel RG3B

Boris N3SY(ex UB5SY)

Comments of the participants
R3GM: Thanks to organizer and participants, I liked convention very much! I was going back home just like 30 years ago from Sosenki — all full of thoughts about socializing, in excellent mood and indeed — with plans for future. For sure I will attend next year.
UA3LDU: I have got back home without any adventures and I am still in euphoria mood. Meeting the friends “in live” is great. From the convention we operated FT-857D, antenna tuner LDG 200 if I am not mistaken and vertical antenna of uncertain length (25-30-35 meters) made of distributing frame wire (TNX R3GM) and with only counterpoise 20 meters long (approximately). Throwing antenna on the pine was performed by Sergey RX3AKT with his quad copter (TNX). Gorgeous and extremely curious cat Barbara was helping him. I ask everybody not to kick us, for our episodic operation. Convention affairs and live socializing were at the first place, anyway. There is only just over one hundred QSOs in our log.
RZ3GE: From my very first line I express very big gratitude to all guest who came and participants, to organizers of the convention who created atmosphere of holiday, thin flavor of super professionalism with plume of smoke of Asen’s LZ3AS shashliks as a spice. It was exactly WHAT was needed and HOW it was needed: only to the point, only most important, and even it all — with dinner break.
Special thanks – to the kitchen staff, without their labor we all would feel ourselves uncomfortable. Motorized clock bell for calling the guests for dinner that was hanging in kitchen window – it was ingeniously!
Only for these reasons it was worth to visit that place, new one for conducting QRQ Club conventions.
Previous Radiograd, beloved by many, one month before planned date of conducting the convention in August refused to take in guests. It’s a pity that coming to this decision by the owner of that land was connected with known to many co-organizer of the fest tireless man of dramatic fate Roman 3W3RR.
Decision of such kind made a month before the beginning led to reduction of participants’ number — quite not everyone could change time of vacations, tickets etc. Due to change of time and place of the meeting Chief Cupbearer of the Club Vladimir UA9FAR was unable to come and his duties (temporary, until FAR’s coming :-)) were performed by Vitaly UA3LDU. I will say sincerely: he observed the traditions! 🙂
Now, when new base is found and checked – there are billiard, fishing, volleyball all that is lacking to say – welcome to Radioograd-2!
All posts shown in manning table are retained. There are rumors that crucians ## 3, 5 and 8 promised to get to Nara in 2020.
P.S. Referees will announce results of competitions, but as a man who uses CW though not in lethal dozes I want to say: to watch how those two remained men (RT3A and R3GM) read 40, 45, 50 words per minute – it costs much!
P.P.S. Big thanks to Asen LZ3AS! He had everything in his pantry and usually in excess.
I hope that the list of necessary things for the next year will be compiled based on his experience.

Some results of the convention

In distinction from last years’ conventions this one had somewhat different format. First of all, attention was paid to telegraph (CW) component of the convention. All brought by Vladimir UA3AMY CW technique and prizes were placed in billiard saloon. Surprisingly no-one got interested with the game, and all were watching CW competitions with attention. And Sergey RX3AKT directed his quad copter to billiard saloon and shot from it via the window. And live socializing, indeed (most faithful — up to 2-3 o’clock am).

In competition in copying plain-language texts by ears at maximum speed close contest raged between Dmitry, R3GM, and Konstantin, RT3A. Distorted signals from lap-top significantly complicated copying already at speeds of 46-50 wpm. With difference of one word in the text at 54 wpm won R3GM. He was bestowed with “Almanac” key provided to the convention by Dmitry, EW4IDP.

Not less keen fight was under way in competition offered by Vladimir, UA3AMY.

At first one letter, for example, “Q” was generated in Morse code. Competitor had to repeat it sending it with electronic key. Then second letter, for example, “B” was added to the first letter, i.e. ”QB”. It was necessary to repeat/send these 2 letters. Then one more letter was added, for example, “C”, and combination of three letters sounded, i.e. “QBC” and so on until getting 5 letters combination (one word). If competitor made a mistake in sending at any stage, everything had to be repeated again starting from one letter. If the word of 5 letters was sent correctly, compilation of the next word had to begin again starting from one letter. Copying had to be done without writing down on paper, so it was important to keep in memory full combinations of 1-2-3-4-5 letters such as NJQKX KZYEJ etc. Referees failed to determine single winner of this competition. Victory was shared between Vitaly, UA3LDU, and Eugeny, RK3P. Both winners were awarded with rarity U-QRQ-C pennons.

During convention meeting of U-QRQ-C members was held and the row of questions concerning Club’s activity were solved. Part of them was following:

First time in many years Club was appended with new members:

R2SA U-QRQ-C#180
EW7A U-QRQ-C#181

R3GM and R2SA in the capacity of acting in lieu of Club secretary were included in the Council of the Club.

RT3A was again elected as a Chairman of the Council of the Club.

It was decided to conduct U-QRQ-C Contest annually in the spring. Exact date (weekend) shall be chosen.

It was decided to revive conducting of U-QRQ-C traffic. First on 80 meters band on 3530 kHz on Tuesdays at 21 MSK. Then, as it was before, 14 MHz band may be added.

In the frames of the convention awarding procedure of winners of conducted this summer revived U-QRQ-C Contest was performed. Cup and pennon were bestowed to Konstantin, RT3A, immediately at the convention. Awards to rest winners will be sent by mail.

Most faithful — who stayed at the convention till Sunday — approximately 9 am.

Standing left to ight: R2SARG3BRK3PRA3AKFUA3LDURT3ALZ3ASR5GM.    Sitting — R3GM. Picture by Natalya, RK3P/XYL

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