April 11, 2018.

QRZ.RU forum:
UA9FAR: Hey, guys, will there be “Radiograd-2018” conducted, or what?
EW7L: Yes, Volodya, it is really interesting question. Aleksey EW7A and I liked everything very much last year. If in 2018 convention will be conducted and we shall be invited (we are not the members of QRQ Club) we shall do our best to come.
RA3AKF: They say that august is round the corner… Initiation was fine. But every initiation is valuable by its continuation!
3W3RR: Convention will be conducted. You all may start to gather. The place will be the same as last year – Radiograd. The date is uncertain yet. It is necessary to take many factors into account. It is the matter of discussion. Possibly – second half of August. We are all waiting for the decision of U-QRQ-C chairman Konstantin Khachaturov RT3A. More detailed announcement will be published after detailing date and program. Any commerce is traditionally forbidden at the convention. Write. Call. And – come. With any question about the convention address to its sailing master Lilia EW7L and to U-QRQ-C chairman Konstantin RT3A.

This year the convention will be held with participation and support of:

• Sports and technician radio club of Moscow city;
• “Live villages” project;
• Industrial Culture Museum;
• Internet portal;
• Kingdom of Bir Tawil;
• Independent international almanac “The world of short waves”;
• Ukrainian radio portal;
• UNO international contest club;

Calls and letters started to arrive – how to get registered, what to take along? Preparation has begun. Yuri from Radiograd reported: “the shower is made yet last year, but so far it is not set into work. Now we are busy with it, so you will have the shower. By the way close to us – in about 2 kilometers – rural hotel is open. It is possible to have a room there”.

Plans, plans…

This year Vasily, RA1ZZ will play under the flag and for the team of Mozambique as he has just returned from C96RRC expedition, and he will tell and demonstrate video about it as he did about Iony island expedition last year.

Passing exams and getting licenses of Pacific DX countries.

This year two Pacific DX countries were chosen, and one will be able to get short wave radio amateur call sign of one of them after passing the exams directly at the place. Which countries they will be will be revealed at the day of the exams after their flags will be placed near the table of examination commission, and information with the examination question will be placed at the announcement board of the convention. As the exams are planned for the second half of the Sunday one will have the time for preparation.

To be admitted to the exams one must:
• have valid short wave amateur radio license of any country and of any class;
• be able to read (in Russian or in English);
• have valid travel passport of any country;

Admitted to the exams shall be only those, who will send (and get confirmation on the reception) to uqrqc_mail_ru scans of their licenses and travel passport page with photo, number and validity term before Sunday morning of August, 2018. It will greatly (in the case of successful passing the exams) speed up the process of license issuance if you will send along with the scan of your home license its translation into English. It is desirable though not obligatory.

Passing the exams is free, but later on you have to pay some insignificant sum of money directly to Ministry of Communications of the country which will issue the license. It may take some time after examination commission will execute your application and deliver it to destination point. They will help you to make all next steps up to the moment of receiving your license. Nothing is complicated. There will be two sets of tickets at the exams – each one for certain country. There will be three questions in every ticket, and you have to answer them. First question will be on the information that will be put on the announcement board in the morning, and it will have no connection with radio. Second question will be about radio. And do not be afraid by the third question too, you will answer it. And nothing will be done illicitly. No merits and titles will help you. If you want to obtain the license, go in accordance with general practice. It will be interesting for everybody to watch the process of passing and savor your answers. Above all the video will be shot and historiographer of the convention Oleg RD1A will not miss interesting moments. You will receive your license at your home address, but we shall try to get its copy via e-mail to speed the process up. Validity term of the license is one year, then you can prolong it, but the call sign will remain yours. If you will decide not to pigeon-hole the adventures but rush towards them, we shall organize your meeting there and you will take your license by yourself in the Ministry of Communications of that country.

There will be four persons in the examination commission: chairman of the commission (you will know his name only at the convention at the day of the exams for his protection against possible tries to know out countries and questions);
• President of U-QRQ-C Konstantin, RT3A;
• Chief referee of the convention Valery, R2SA;
• Secretary of examination commission being appointed by the chairman.

Auto hundred meters race

«The worst that ever happened is passed: I have got started from “Zaporozhets” car. And first car is like first woman – it gives one a possibility to feel himself as a real man… The driver, I mean. With it you discover the mysteries of its internal construction and behaviors, get accustomed to steering wheel and get the habit to count the money in liters of fuel. From this point of view original production of Zaporozhye plant has no match…»

Yeah, Pavel Iyevlev, known to many readers of “At the wheel” magazine really knows what he writes about. Automobilists understand it.

“The man who coped with “Zaporozhets” would not be afraid of anything. Any next car can turn on with its road performance and acclamation with its technical simplicity. But “Zaporozhets” is the school of hard knocks for automobilists. Low speed, ill-controllable, subject to constant overheating, noisy and erratic — it demands from the driver great knack and good knowledge of hardware.
Driver of “Zaporozhets” is ready for everything, and his store of tools and spare parts can compose up to one third of dead weight of the car. But when owner of more modern car would cry into his mobile telephone calling evacuator, experienced “Zaporozhets” owner will make necessary part from piece of iron found in the ditch and will drive further on.”

Ah… Nostalgia…

Konstantin, where is now that known to everyone infantry combat vehicle of U-QRQ-C, that your 40 hp “Zaporozhets”? It was almost native to us all.

In 1991 last hundred meters from the highway to the forest opening we were pushing it loaded with the hardware.

In 1992 we had to overcome same hundred meters in the same manner.

I.e. obviously tradition was born but was unheralded. And to forget thirty years old traditions is not in human way. And convention without traditions is not convention at all.

So – let us revive the tradition with including auto hundred meters race into the program of convention.

Infantry combat vehicle of U-QRQ-C.
Historical “Zaporozhets” of Konstantin Khachaturov, RT3A.

The task: to move “Zaporozhets” for hundred meters in whatever way: possibly by teleportation, or — drive on it (if its engine can be started), or push it from start to finish, or to harness horses, dogs or tractor. Main task is to overcome the distance.

Total time of overcoming the distance is evaluated. Referee will have stopwatch.

One more obligatory condition for both categories will be conducting of communication between moving “Zaporozhets” and base VHF station of the convention. Aleksey, RA3AKF, will determine the frequency based on the type of walkie-talkie in use. If mobile station is installed in “Zaporozhets”, it will be possible to use it.

More detailed rules will be worked out and will be made familiar to the racers by auto race referee together with chief referee of the convention.

Strange enough, but there is no “Zaporozhets” among automobile artifacts of Industrial Culture Museum. There are plenty of various machines, it seems to me that there are even “YerAZ” from Yerevan and a miracle of Soviet automobile industry — “Moskvich-2141”, But no “Zaporozhets”. Evident negligence. And no-one knows where “Zaporozhets” of U-QRQ-C President is now, thirty tears after.

And it also would be nice to read the stories — about who and how reached the place last year, such as Igor’s, RN4W:

«Yandex showed that it would be possible to reach the place without traffic jams within 19-20 hours, but in reality it took much more time. But if to estimate and add about 3 hours for sleep – it will be exactly so (without jams and at high speed)…
On my way back I have saved some time – I drove via Vladimir city, not bypassed it. Night, empty streets (old bypass of Vladimir) and new impressions. Vladimir grew so much!!! It was interesting.

Guys, I am home at last. Way back took 22 hours with a half. Way home is always shorter. And there were not everywhere road repair works on Sunday. But (I feel) I have earned lots pf penalties for over speeding on my way back home…

Near Vorotynets city I competed with sports “Porsche”. At such effrontery he once even allowed me to outrace him, but then he stepped on the gas and left me in his track. THANKS to everybody once more!!! It was great!!!”

But first – auto hundred meters race to help everybody to recall that previous HAM spirit for which there were no borders, and which had no place for animosity and hate, and only freedom, radio and brotherhood existed, that HAM spirit with which even pushing “Zaporozhets” to the convention on mud locked roads was a joy — and that spirit still exists despite of continuing efforts of various goblins to commercialize and vulgarize everything where the spirit is: short waves, love, friendship and human relations as a whole.

QRQ-triathlon: Convention championship in target engagement.

QRQ-triathlon includes pistolry, archery and moving target engagement with the spear. On firing range at distances being determined by the referees three wooden constructions for targets fixing will be installed – one for each discipline. Any participant of the convention may be admitted to participation in QRQ-triathlon at following conditions.

Triathlon competitors are allowed to get to firing point strictly in turn, one by one and exclusively accompanied by Chief Armorer of the convention (which concurrently is President of U-QRQ-C), or by batman appointed by him.

Turn shall be determined by referees by lot.

During shooting Chief Armorer shall be present at firing point together with triathlon competitor little bit behind his shoulder. Having expressed an intention to take part in QRQ-triathlon competitor by that agrees to bow to the instructions of Chief Armorer or his batman: to open the fire, to move to the next position, to make any other movements.

After inspecting the targets and summing up referee’s board shall announce the results of QRQ-triathlon with putting the table into the public realm.

After that we shall assume that first QRQ-triathlon in target engagement took place. Salute!

CW affairs plan is compiled:

Competition in call signs copying in “RufzXP” software.
• Competition in contest QSOs conducting in “Morse Runner” software.
• Competition in DX-pedition pile-up running in “Pileup Runner” software.
• Competition in radiograms copying with writing down the texts on paper.
• Competition in radiograms sending with straight key.
• Competition in radiograms sending with electronic key.

With such wide competitive part of the convention Chief referee of convention-2017 Valery R2SA, asked for two helpers for judging all competitions. His ask was answered by referee of all-union class Valery UA3AO and Konstantin RT3A.

As telegraphy program widened significantly, detail discussion of every discipline was made. Good advices were given by Vladislav R8OA who has big experience in conducting such CW competitions. Vladimir UA9BA proposed to generate 15 single-time pile-ups of two, three and maybe even four calling stations with different signal levels, with different dot-to-dash ratio with different pitches and sending speeds to see is anyone will be able to copy simultaneously two or more call signs. And in all of this we were trying to be oriented on game format and audience appeal. We have decided that all these tasks could be performed with two software — “Morse Runner” and “Pileup Runner”. In addition Aleksey EW7A proposed “Morse Runner”, adapted for “Wednesdays minitest”.

And at last Valery R2SA published

Rules for CW competitions

Call signs copying in “RufzXP” software:
Program settings: Mode – Trainer, then:
Setting: TrainerMode – RufzXP Mode, Number of groups – 50, Morse weight – 1:3:7(nominal), Speed – variable, Speed increment – 3%.

50 different call signs shall be sent with gradual decrease of the speed. Copied call signs shall not be written in software interface window for the speed could be gradually decreased. 1st call sign shall be sent at speed of 101,4 wpm (as per PARIS system), 50th call sign at minimal speed of 23,8 wpm. The more is the speed, the more points participant well get for every correctly copied call sign. Above all sent at the same speed but more complicated (more long) call sign will give more points than less complicated (more short). The program itself will determine exact number of points for this or another call sign sent at this or another speed. (At close speeds more long call sign sent at slower speed may give more points than shorter call sign sent at faster speed).

All participants are copying call signs simultaneously and write them down on the paper in column. After sending of each call sign 10 seconds shall be given for writing it down. At the end of all call signs sending signed pages (call sign and signature) shall be passed to the referees. They will count the results based on points calculated by the software. At that only fully and correctly copied call signs shall be credited. Participant that will copy the call sign with biggest number of points calculated shall be the winner.

Conducting of contest contacts in “Morse Runner” software:
Call signs data base from the log of R3ZZ for CQ WW DX CW 2017 shall be used. Length of the exercise – 5 minutes is to be set in configuration file. “HST” exercise shall be used.

Program settings: Call sign of the participant shall be entered in “Call” field. At his decision participant shall set the parameters “CW Speed” and “CW Pitch”, switch on or off QSK. Other parameters are preset and can not be changed.

After starting of “HST” exercise participant starts to operate. After elapsing of 5 minutes result shall be recorded and next participant shall start the same exercise. The one who earns more points will be the winner.

Copying of plain texts:
“CW Master” software shall be used. All participants shall copy simultaneously. Plain texts (phrases) of 5 words of total volume of 20-30 letters in Russian shall be sent. Numerals and punctuation marks shall not be used in the texts. First phrase shall be sent at the speed of 20 wpm (per PARIS system), second at 22 wpm etc with 2 wpm steps. After each phrase 10 seconds shall be allowed for writing the phrase down on the paper. Participant can start copying from any speed. When the speed at which no one participant can copy is reached and same happens at next speed – competition shall be finished. Signed sheets (call sign, signature) shall be passed to referees. The one who will reproduce the phrase without mistakes at maximum speed will be the winner.

Sending of plain texts with simultaneous copying it by the spectators
Participant shall pull out a ticket with text (phrase) in Russian of 10 words without numerals and punctuation marks with total volume of 40-60 letters. He shall send this text at any speed with any key. All other participants (spectators) shall copy that text by ears and rise their hands to read it to the rest. Referees determine who was the first to rise his hand after the phrase was completely sent. If in the phrase read at least one word shall be wrong, the right to read the phrase passes over to the text spectator who rose his hand etc until the phrase will be read correctly or until there will be mo more those who wanted to read the phrase. If the sender made a mistake in his sending and did not correct it, correct reply of the spectators shall be both phrase with mistake and phrase that had to be sent (only if there was no full substitution of one word by another).

Scoring for correctly read phrase is the speed at which the phrase was sent in absolute calculus (number of actually sent symbols per minute, and not per PARIS system). The speed shall be determined per formulae: S=(L*60)/T; where L – number of letters in the phrase, T – time spent for sending in seconds, S – resulting speed in symbols per minute. Ex: number of letters in the phrase – 40, time spent for sending – 10 sec, then the speed is (40*60)/10=240 symbols/min. Awarded shall be those who will first correctly read the phrase after every sending. Absolute winner shall be the one who will read the phrase sent with highest speed.

Scoring for senders is the speed at which that phrase was sent multiplied by quality coefficient. If the phrase was sent without mistakes quality coefficient is 1. If 1 mistake was made and it was not corrected then quality coefficient is 0,5. If 2 or more mistakes were made and not corrected, then quality coefficient is 0. For making correction one must send correction symbol (6 or more dots) and fully repeat the word in which mistake was made.

Credits shall be made separately for those who was sending with straight mechanical key (including semiautomatic) and for those who was sending with electronic key (including iambic). Everyone can take part in both groups. The winners shall be determined for straight key and for electronic key.

Conducting DX-contacts in “Pileup Runner” software:
Call signs base from the log of R3ZZ for CQ WW DX CW 2017 shall be used.
Call sign of DX station shall be appointed (at the decision of the participant himself), call sign of DX station operator (personal call sign of participant), number of simultaneously calling stations – 100, average SNR level – 15 dB, difficult continent – “empty”, duration – 5 minutes. Mode – “Practice”.
Exercise shall be run and participant shall start to operate. After elapsing of 5 minutes the result shall be recorded and next participant shall start the exercise. The winner will be the one who will conduct biggest number of contacts.

What else?
If the time allows and those wishing appear, it will be possible to conduct more competitions (or just exhibition performance):
— in conducting contacts in minitest using “Morse Runner” software retrofitted by EW7SM.
— in sending with keys provided by UA3AO (vibroplex and double-sided mechanical key).

Finally we have made some changes for saving the time.

Above awarding winners in every clad CW champion will be awarded per sum of telegraphy performances with presenting corresponding award and prize — “telegraphy” painting creates specially for the convention by Platon Andreyev.

Mayor of Radiograd Yuri prepares the awards

Call sign of the convention and on-air operation

New rules appeared and now one must apply for special call to SRR (Union of Russian Radio amateurs) three month beforehand.

Due to some organizational problem decision about conducting convention this year was made just one month with a half before its beginning. Our hope that management of SRR will cooperate with us and that we shall manage to receive already habitual R73QRQ in the rest time failed. Participants of conventions of nineties were puzzled, why those times it was easy to solve such simple question, but now it became a problem.

There was a thought to solve the situation in non-standard way obtaining in Georgia our previous call sign of eighties, 4L1QRQ, which sounded even from “Permian abnormal zone”. Or in some other country that would cooperate and issue call sign with QRQ suffix suitable for operating RA/.

Way out was found, though not the best one — on-air operation at the convention will be held under the call sign of Moscow city sports and technician radio club RO3A.

Convention championship in crucians fishing


As before “custody” upon one’s crucian shall consist exclusively in empathize to his fate and achievements. Above that, in the case of fishing your crucian by championship participants in accordance with modified rules detailed below, you shall be informed about his weight and length, and “crucian” certificate of the convention will be mailed to you.

Thus the list of custodians of silver crucians as of publication dated is as follows:

• 1 RT3A
• 4 UA9BA
• 5 UR7FM
• 15 UA3AO
• 23 UA3LDU — fished on 27.08.2018 by RN3DMB
• 39 R7KBB
• 40 UZ1RR
• 41 UA3QAM
• 42 RZ3DZ
• 44 LZ2TU
• 52 UR7VT
• 56 UA1CGS
• 77 UT7FO
• 89 HB9CSA
• 90 R3GM
• 98 RO5O
• 101 UN2E
• 102 RW4NM
• 104 R7KM
• 107 RX6FJ
• 116 I7ALE
• 119 UA6AUA
• 121 LZ1AG — fished on 27.08.2018 by RN3DMB
• 122 N3JT
• 127 RN3ANT
• 147 N2AA
• 153 UT4FJ

Being once chosen, “golden” crucian shall be retained by the custodian for all time, from year to year until crucian under care will not be fished.

Thus, taking into account “golden crucians fished last year (see post 267), from the championship are withdrawn:

• 10 (was under care of 1U4UN)
• 22 (was under care of Asadov Architecture Bureau)
• 44 (was under care of UR7EZ)
• 55 (was under care of UA1CCE)
• 88 (was under care of RA3AG)

“Crucian” certificates will be issued and mailed to the custodians, and Dmitry, Asadov Bureau, Mikhail, Boris and Alla can choose from the following list at their wish:

• 1 UA4FE
• 2 RW3VZ
• 3 RA3AKF
• 4 RD1A
• 5 R1CC
• 6 R2AR
• 7 W3RDX
• 8 TN5MM
• 9 “Dread Naught” team
• 11 American Communications Systems, Inc. (USA)
• 12 RA9USU
• 13 RA1ZZ
• 14 RZ3CC
• 15 OH1UU
• 17 portal
• 19 4U1A (UNO international contest club)
• 20 Almanac ”Lebed’”
• 21 R6KR
• 23 Artyom Sosnitsky (son of UN8FM)
• 25 International children center “Artek”
• 27 UN8FM
• 28 Peter Georgacarakos
• 33 N3SY
• 34 RN3DMB
• 37 OH5FZK
• 40 RX3DTR
• 47 LY2BDI
• 48 EW7L
• 49 Platon Andreyev
• 50 portal (Lithuania)
• 51 EW7A
• 54 EW7SP — SK — number is withdrawn from using
• 59 R2SA
• 60 US5ETV
• 61 UA3AGW
• 62 Construction company “Vremena goda” (Russia)
• 66 RM2D
• 67 R7KMA
• 68 YD2JKW
• 72 UT7UA
• 73 NT2X
• 74 UT7UZA
• 75 R7KQ
• 77 DL9LM
• 92 VU2GMN
• 95 Industrial Culture Museum
• 100 EU1AA
• 102 HA5EA
• 111 TheEarth Ltd.
• 112 BD1AZ
• 113 UA9FAR

Due to business of convention participants with other affairs and also with breakfasts, dinners, suppers and operation radio, it was proposed to appoint all period of convention as scoring time for championship in crucians fishing. I.e. the one who will find the time and in dependence of his fishing tactics — can go for fishing.

At that following conditions shall be observed (besides those which referee of championship may wish to add):

• crucians shall be fished with rod or spinning, and no other rig such as nets or dynamite are permitted;
• fished crucians shall be passed to the referee for expertise and evaluation at the day of fishing;
• fisherman shall take a photo with his catch with following placing of it at the forum.

Prizes from the box

Referees shall determine who will be prized and for what.

Some amount of prizes will be prepared by the organizers, but let every participant bring along withy him any prize being already wrapped (in any manner as it will be packed once more anyway), for even organizers could not get know what is it.

QSL must be obligatory attached to the prize on which you will write any wish for prize recipient.

By no means shall the prizes be bought specially and expensive.

It may be any thing: look around yourself — it could be crystal shot glass of Soviet times or nice red apple or salami baloney, or pioneer’s tie of a can of salted cucumbers or wrench or issue of “Radiofront” or “Radio” magazine of ancient years or climbing equipment, or, for those who paint little painting or drawing, or bottle of wine or “Zubrovka” vodka, or a book, a screwdriver or cork screw (always useful thing) or, maybe, frog shoes or kaleidoscope of your childhood or beautiful shell from distant shore or any souvenir with the emblem of your city or any trinket for decades being collecting the dust at your shelf — here is the possibility to give it new life or at last capacitor or soldering iron or a piece of flux or trammel or beautiful cedar cone — quite any thing.

Main task – that it all would be unexpected and interesting: the one who get the prize will unwrap it before all and you together with others will with interest look. What is the prize, from whom, what is written on QSL — and then altogether laugh at perplexed prize winner. And you may become the one by yourself – they will be enough for everybody.

All prizes shall be wrapped at the place in similar envelope and laid into the box near Headquarters cabin. And nobody will know what it is the prize and from whom it is up to the moment of it’s presenting. Sometimes the universe likes to joke. At convention 2017 Karen, EK7DX, got the prize and after unwrapping it turned that it was Armenian cognac.


Convention-2017. Karen, EK7DX. Photo by Victor, W3RDX

Those who will not be able to come can pass over their prizes too. So, few packages from USA and Crimea are awaiting their winners already, and what is inside we shall discover at the convention. Organizations and clubs also may pass their prizes. In this case instead of QSL they may attach business card or a message on organization letterhead.


In the last day of the convention if after conducting and summing up results of all competitions and contests some amount of prizes will left in the box, they will be drawn in QRQ-lottery among most faithful ones, who will held out until the last day of the convention.

Thus all prizes prepared by you will find their addressees.

Greeting to the convention from “neighbors” by sport

Greeting to participants of International CW operators convention — 2018 was sent by Nikolay Glukhov — Honorary member of Russian sports orienteering Federation, referee of all-union class, author of the books about sports orienteering “Points on the map” and “On the distance”.

“For me, the man who has no direct relation to short wave sports, your business always been surrounded with aureole of romantic and mystery.

Names of polar radio man Ernst Krenkel, RAEM, who was a part of the team of rescuers of legendary icebreaker “Cheluskin”, Konstantin Khachaturov, RT3A, who provided radio communication for Thor Heyerdahl expedition, cosmonaut Musa Manarov, U2MIR, and woman radio operator Kate from the movie “Seventeen Moments of Spring” are known to many. But personally for me are also known names of multiple champions of USSR and the World Valentin Benzar, EU1AA, and Sergey Pas’ko, EX8A, who possibly also will attend the convention

Though of Morse code I remember only old Soviet song ‘Morzyanka’ and ‘three dots, three dashes, three dots’ from ‘Titanic’ movie. Though in my time I have paid the tribute to the memory of code inventor Samuel Morse and laid the flowers on his grave at New-York cemetery ‘Green Wood’.

I am sincerely envious of those who will gather in the August at your convention. Many times I took part in similar meetings of orienteering sportsmen, and I know that charge of vivacity, fine mood and other positive emotions such meetings do give.

I think that on Radiograd forest opening in the circle of friends over shot-glass of tea you will recall those who were unable to come, and pay homage to HAM radio heroes of modern day. I wish success to your convention and health and all the best to its participants. And I very hope to attend at one of your meetings in the future.

Regards, Nikolay Glukhov, Perm city”

Greeting letter arrived from
Chief of central museum of amateur radio named after E.T. Krenkel — Eugeny Sukhoverkhov, UA3AJT

“Thank you for the invitation! Great affair!
I am very sorry that I will not be able to take part in it.
I have some health problems.
If possible — please relay to the participants congratulations with this holiday from behalf of Central museum of amateur radio named after E.T. Krenkel. This convention is our holiday. In my thoughts I am together with you, dear colleagues! I very hope for meeting with you, possibly in the museums of out complex which in September will resume its work after repair.

Your Eugeny UA3AJT/RK3F”

Greeting from Boris, N3SY arrived to the address of convention

“Dear friends! Dear seekyouers! — this word was invented by our boys of sixties of past century — Crimean boys!!! Let’s go for seekyouing — it meant “let’s go operate radio” – great! So I want to congratulate you with our CW holiday!!! Our call signs sound continuously! We hear them on different HF frequencies! Many of you are famous maestros and skillful operators! But do not forget — the time is flying by, and we, finished our operation, pass away, regretfully. The life is not ETERNAL — BUT telegraph must be eternal!!! That’s why at this big convention we must solve big task — the task of prolongation of life of telegraph! The matter is its real existence, not computer technique! It’s time to pay more attention to our children! To girls and buys who with perfect approach will understand us and will start to learn telegraph! Yes, now it is different time — but then what for we — WE, radio amateurs that can do EVERYTHING — are? I told if to you briefly! Aspire, find your own methods, your own ways, and you will make it!!!

There will be substitution to all of us! And we shall feel secure for telegraph! Congratulations to ALL OF YOU! Health to ALL OF YOU! 73 TO ALL OF YOU!!!

Boris Gavrenko — Master of sports of USSR, Honorary radio man of USSR”

Gene Walsh, aka Uncle Zhenya, N2AA, is sorry that he is unable to take part in the convention this time and passes via the president, greetings to all U-QRQ-C members and wishes good luck.

Eugene Walsh, N2AA, U-QRQ-C#147. Photo by Theresa Walsh. 2016

Due to personal circumstances Uncle Zhenya hang up radio some years ago, but now he is ready to get back and will be on-air in a few months.

Willy, UA9BA, & Gene, N2AA. Photo by Doug, K1DG. WRTC-96

HST World championship — tele/radio link-up

HST World championships in Astana, Kazakhstan and International QRQ convention in Radiograd have one common thing — it is the speed of Morse code copying/sending. “High-speeders” and radio amateurs have different basic evaluation systems. “High speeders” use symbols per minute, and radio amateurs – words per minute. Both have their own “stars”. It would be incorrectly compare their speeds. As copying and sending of plain text and symbol groups are “two big differences”, as they say in Odessa…

And nevertheless based on results of last year HST World championship I have compiled the list of those radio amateurs who are in top six in their groups. Here they are, for whom we shall pull for in Radiograd if link up between Radiograd and Astana will be established, as I hope:
The group — those, who are over 50 y.o.
— EW2A Alex
— YO8SS Pavlic
— HA8KW Ferenc
Those who are over 40 y.o.
— YO9WF Ionut
— DL2CC Frank
Those who are less than 40 y.o.
— YO8TTT Alex
— YT7AW Goran
— DJ1YFK Fabian
— LZ4UU Ilya

I will also be there (R8OA), though there will be no my group – those who are over 70 y. o., but I will keep on fighting to the end. You may pull for me too…

Greetings to the convention came rolling from distant Mongolia, to where Mats, SM6LRR was brought to by some Scandinavian wind.

UA3IAV: Yes, next unbelievably interesting amateur radio event is coming up. It is the case, when one not used his chance to take part in it will all his life regret about it.

It would be possible to meet personally so most skillful, most famous persons carried away with common hobby which is unrivaled, as it is so elite one in my opinion… Not everyone can be the member of the community were casual participants are impossible, absolutely…

I am envy for those who will come and get the charge of positive emotions and impressions …

I wish to all participants of the convention good luck always, everywhere and in everything!


RN4W: Organizers and participants will do it. Greetings and 73 to everybody 73!

W3RDX: To the address of the convention messages were received from:
• Hidan, 5H3HO, director if IARU relations and deputy secretary of Tanzania Amateur Radio Club (TARC), who regretted that Dar es Salaam is located so far from Russia;
• Heiko, DL8QS;
• Fritz, HB9CSA, who this time entered World championship; in Astana as a member of Switzerland team;
• Alexander, K2PAL;
• Nikolay, LZ1JY, who wished success to all participants;
• Marc, 4Z4KX;
• Stefan, DL1IAO;
• Andrew, VK5MAV, who is preparing to his next island expedition;
• Arkady, 4X1GA — U-QRQ-C #55;
• Toivo, R1CC, who dropped over to his home in Gatchina to have some rest between his trips: ZS1, 4X4, and soon one could look for 4L/R1CC;
• Vladimir, UZ1RR, who is preparing sending out electronic awards for contacts with convention station in 2017-м and in this year;
• Rick, K1CE, who in the beginning of 1990-th was sent by ARRL on assignment trip to USSR and attended Inter-Radio convention;
• Victor, UA9OS, who despite of his age and other obstacles was able to repair with the help of younger boys his being broken antenna and now is back on the air.

RT3A: Friends!
This year we celebrate exactly 30 years of creating U-QRQ-C. It happened that at all our first conventions not only club members attended. It is understood for lovers of high-speed on-air talks – they like when it is breathtaking. But why these meetings attract all the rest? It turned that magic sounds of Morse code charmed many and it does not matter at what speed it is sent. Morse code, radio communication in telegraphy – this is that mighty force that many years ago has united short waves enthusiasts. That gifted them joy of socializing regardless of borders and distances.

Traditions were not changed for our last year’s meeting when we met again after long interruption. And now welcoming land of Radiograd again meets representatives of many cities and countries. Many would like to be here in these days, but not everybody have such possibility due to various circumstances. And greetings and very kind wishes constantly arrive to organizational committee of the convention. And it was very symbolic when Valery Pakhomov, UA3AO, gifted to Radiograd his book, “The keys that connected continents” and Vladimir Stepanenko, UZ1RR, send nicely made “CW icon” which for sure will decorate the shack of every CW operator.

Today we greet all radio amateurs, recall Samuel Morse and raise the flag of International CW operators Convention and U-QRQ-C. And as Eugeny Sukhoverkhov, UA3AJT, said in his word to the convention — “this is our holiday”.

Congratulations, dear friends!
Konstantin Khachaturov, RT3A
President of U-QRQ-C

Addition arrived — radiograms texts

As in Russian and International Morse codes some punctuation marks are sent in different ways,(namely, periods and commas are dent differently) and in all modern software for Morse code sending International Morse code is used for punctuation marks, (same as for HST competitions), in our competitions in texts sending and copying 31 letter of 33 letters of Russian alphabet, numerals, slash (/) and question mark (?) shall be used. Russian abbreviations “TChK” instead of period (.) and “ZPT” instead of comma (,) shall be used. Before the beginning of the text three letters “V” and separation mark (— . . . —) shall be sent, which shall not be written down? After the text the mark of the end (. — . — .) shall be sent. Other punctuation marks shall not be used. Instead of “TChK” and “ZPT” participants may write down corresponding punctuation marks — period (.)and comma (,).

For competition #6 “Copying of plain texts” 40 different short texts were compiled. The texts were taken various belletristic, technical and other books. Number of words in these texts is 6 or 7, and total volume is 30-39 symbols without punctuation marks, “TChK” and “ZPT”. Only I know these texts and no-one more will know out them until their sending in course of competition. As an example I am giving a variant (text # 41), which will not be used in competition:

“However, he had no time to admire.”

Same way for competition #8 “QRQ for three” 20 texts were compiled. But now they were the texts taken only from technical or other books connected with amateur radio. These texts consist of 55 words of total volume of 300-450 symbols without punctuation marks. Texts will be put into the envelopes and shall be opened only at referee’s command. Example is text # 21 (it will not be used for competition):

“In tuning mode only high frequency part of the transmitter will work, namely its first two stages. For feeding the transmitter stabilized power supply, providing output current of about 1 Ampere and having stabilization coefficient of about 100 must be used. Transmitter is assembled in the case with dimensions of 140/70/40 mm made of sheet aluminum with thickness of 2 mm. Construction is air wiring. Location of main parts is shown at Figure 5.”

Flag of Radiograd


This is proposal for QSL-cards for contacts with convention radio station: to make QSL that will reflect history of all (up to the date) conventions conducted under U-QRQ-C aegis: from the very first of 1989 and up to this one.

I. e. That on QSL call signs and pictures of different conventions were placed by years: 4L1QRQ/3, 4L1QRQ/9, R73QRQ (/MM, /AM, /T, /P), and whatever will be this year. While filling QSL necessary call will just be marked.

It is possible to place on the QSL short history of the Club and any other necessary information in Russian and in English.

Convention awards

This year HAMster certificates will be awarded to all participants of the convention — “participant certificate” and also for achievements in competitions, contests and other affairs together with the prizes.

All it was just greatness of plans, and now the time came for their implementation.

As last year Aleksey RA3AKF and Vladimir UA9FAR were first to come and get busy with preparations on the site of convention conduction. Lilia EW7L, Aleksey EW7A and Anatoly RN3DMB joined them.


It happened that antenna was stayed safe from the last year and the mast was standing.

Screen for movie watching is being installed.

Discussion of convention program by organizational committee: Lila, EW7L, Valery, R2SA, and Konstantin, RT3A

As a result convention program for August 25-27, 2018 was compiled International CW operators convention 2018
U-QRQ-C International QRQ CW Convention

25.08.2018 Saturday
00-24 Operation at Club’s radio station, setting of the record of maximum number of CW operators working simultaneously
09-10 Breakfast
10-24 Working for “Shares vodka with…” award program
11-12 Ceremony of opening the convention
12-12:30 Common photo
12:30-15 CW affairs
13-20 Hanging of pointers at “Radiograd” pole
13-19 Work of QRQ snack shack
13-20 Autographs at the fence
13-20 Autographs at T-shirts
13-15 Shesh Besh tournament
15-16 Dinner
15-20 QRQ-painting
16-19 Auto hundred meters rally
19-20 Supper
20-20:30 Winners awarding
20-21 “Southern Cross is above us” movie, slide-show
21-22 Tele-audio link-up with New York (“Green Wood” cemetery, grave of Samuel Morse)
22-24 Continuation of movie watching, slide-show, campfire

26.08.2018 Sunday
00-24 Operation at Club’s radio station
09-10 Breakfast
10-20 QRQ-painting
11-14 QRQ triathlon
14-15 Dinner
15-18 Excursion to “Path of Light” village. Photo session with “husky” dogs
15-17 Competition “Three men in a boat (to say nothing of the dog)”
17-18 Audio link-up with HST World championship (Astana city) participants)
16-18 Passing exams for obtaining DX countries licenses and photo session “Migratory birds”
19-20 Ceremonial supper
20-20:30 Winners awarding. Summing up “crucian championship” results
20:30-21 Summing up results of competition for best photo entitling at the convention
21-2130 NT2X guessing game
21-24 “Kin-dza-dza” movie, slide-show, campfire
21-24 “Ansser” competition

27.08.2018 Monday
00-24 Operation at Club’s radio station
09-10 Breakfast
10-13 QRQ-safari
10-20 QRQ-painting
13-14 QRQ-lottery
14-15 Dinner
19-20 Winners awarding
20-20:30 Ceremonial convention closing.
20-24 Supper. “Mimino” movie, campfire

Program is the subject for changes.

Convention participants are arriving

Valentin R7NU, with XYL Elena (Rostov oblast) are getting placed

Valery, R2DA with XYL Svetlana arrived

Valery, UA3AO and Timofey UA3AO/QRP

Albert, R3AR. Twice passed checking on lie detector

and was appointed as Radiograd Mint manager

Igor RT5C with son

Vladimir, UA9BA

Dmitry UA3AGW & Oleg RD1A

List of participants of International CW operators Convention 2018

1. 3W8AA — Yuri Brazhenko
2. EW7A — Aleksey Vasilyev
3. EW7A/friend — Victor Medvedev
4. EW7L — Lilia Vasilyeva
5. EW7L/friend — Svetlana Medvedeva
6. R2DA — Valery Shinevsky
7. R2DA/XYL — Svetlana Shinevskaya
8. R2DSU — Olga Karpova
9. R2SA — Valery Sidorov
10. R3AP — Sergey Loshakov
11. R3AR — Albert Turkin
12. R3YC — Sergey Kuznetsov
13. R3YC/XYL — Tatyana Kuznetsova
14. R7NU — Valentin Skrypnikov
15. R7NU/XYL — Elena Skrypnikova
16. RA1ZZ — Vasily Sukhanov
17. RA3AKF — Aleksey Kozlov
18. RA3P — Andrew Krasnov
19. RA9USU/1U4UN — Dmitry Zhikharev
20. RC9F — Vasily Vorobyov
21. RD1A — Oleg Stribny
22. RK3AW — Oleg Putkov
23. RN3DMB — Anatoly Rayev
24. RT3A — Konstantin Khachaturov
25. RT5A — Yuri Vedmedenko
26. RU3UW — Pavel Stchedrikov
27. RV3AV — Valery Vdovin
28. RX3PR — Eugeny Kudryavtsev
29. RZ3CC — Gennady Shul’gin
30. RZ3CC/XYL — Eugenia Shul’gina
31. UA3AGW — Dmitry Zaslavsky
32. UA3AMY — Vladimir Sutulov
33. UA3AO — Valery Pakhomov
34. UA3AO/QRP — Timofey Pakhomov
35. UA3FQ/R8FF — Andrew Komarov
36. UA3LDU — Vitaly Sizov
37. UA3LMR/RD2A — Vyacheslav Sindeyev
38. UA3PF — Igor Poshisholin
39. UA3PTV — Tamara Kudryavtseva
40. UA9BA — Vladimir Umanets
41. UA9FAR — Vladimir Sannikov
42. UB3APM — Ilya Kainov
43. UB3APM/son — Aleksey Kainov

Opening of the convention


Opening speech of UA9FARConvention is opened! The flag was raised by youngest participant of the convention, Lyosha!

UA3AO — his book “The keys that connected continents” for Radiograd library

Sergey R3YC — invites everybody for convention of Bryansk radio amateurs.

Valery UA3AO prepares equipment and texts for CW competitions

Master class by UA3AO

Eugeny RX3PR, Dmitry UA3AGW, Vladimir UA3AMY, Aleksey EW7A

Oleg RD1A

Results of CW championship of convention-2018
Of planned CW-affairs three competition (## 2, 4, 6) and one exhibition performance (# 3) were conducted.

Giving 100 points for best result in every competition and percentage of points in relation to those 100 points for following places we have:

Results of competition # 2
“Copying of special message with writing it down on paper”
Place/Call/Result/Points for general result
1 – UA9BA — — — — winner ———- 100
(Remarks: Only UA9BA had copied and wrote down the text without mistakes. All other participants made mistakes in copying and got 0 points for general competition)

Results of competition # 4
“Copying of call signs in RufzXP software”
Place/Call/Result/Points for general result
1 — UA3AGW — — — — 325 ———- 100
1 — RD1A — — — — — — 325 —— —- 100
2 — UA9FAR — — — — -210 ———- 65 (210*100/325)

Results of competition # 6
“Copying of plain text with speed increasing”
Place/Call/Result/Points for general result
1 — UA3AMY- — — — — 280———-100
2 – UA3LDU — — — — 210———- 75 (210*100/280)
2 — UA9BA — — — — — 210———- 75 (210*100/280)
3 – UA3AGW- — — — 190——— 68 (190*100/280)
3 — UA9FAR- — — — — 190——— 68 (190*100/280)

Places per sum of three competitions were following:
1 – UA9BA ——— 175 (100+0+75)
2 – UA3AGW —— 168 (0+100+68)
3 – UA9FAR ——- 133 (0+65+68)
4 – RD1A ———- 100 (0+100+0)
4 – UA3AMY —— 100 (0+0+100)
5 – UA3LDU ——- 75 (0+0+75)

Thus Vladimir Umanets UA9BA became CW champion of convention-2018 per sum of telegraph competition.

Prize painting “telegraph crow” painted specially for the convention by artist Platon Andreyev is ready for mailing to CW champion of convention-2018.

Yuri 3W8AA is saying goodbye to prize crow

Awarding for RUFZXP


Vladimir UA9BA:
Taking the opportunity I want to express special gratitude to Valery UA3AO, who set hand-made telegraph key of famous RA1AOM as the first prize for the competition in copying plain text with writing it down on paper. Following is picture of that key in my shack.

And the crow has found its way too

Radio station of the convention

R2LAC: RO3A/P is neither heard nor seen.
And yesterday the air was so clean…

This story came to memory.

Sosenki village. Friday, first day of 1992 convention. We arrived — shared some vodka. We installed tents and equipment — shared some vodka. We erected log yagi. We started generator, sat near the campfire — shared some vodka.

Misty morning. Saturday morning. Everybody is trying to cope with the key of Konstantin, UW3HV (now RT3A) — no result.

Do we have any microphone? Yes, we do. Let us operate at least this way… The sun rose, the guests came and their first question was: where are you? The people used up their fingers by VFO knobs searching for you!!!

But we ran SSB pile up, as we got out of mights…

Call sign of the convention RO3A/P from view point.

Oleg RK3AW

Oleg RD1A

Vasily RA1ZZ

Aleksey EW7A and Vitaly UA3LDU

144 MHz competition

Vasily RA1ZZ


Valery UA3AO

Meantime Aleksey RA3AKF is busy with repair of main VHF vehicle

Results of radio communications competition on 144 MHz
Place — Call — Result (number of QSOs)
1 — RA1ZZ — — 17
2 — R8FF — — — 14
3 — UA3AO — — 11
4 — R3AR — — — 6
5 — R7NU — — — 5
— — —
Referee commission thanks participant submitted check-log, RD1A — — — 15

QRQ triathlon



Sergey Shimko won a round of applause with knives throwing. All 4 knives hit the target. So the convention got its own Rambo .
He has the best result in the sum of exercises.
(In the past he was Pacific Fleet Navy).

Summing up the results

Results of QRQ-triathlon

Place Call —— Bow Pistol Knife Sum
1—-Sergey Shimko — —0——16——30— 46
2—- RD1A——- — — —10— —7——10— 27
3—-EW7A/friend— — — 5——20— — 0——25
3—-UA3AO/QRP— — —3——22—- —0——25
4—-UA3LDU—- — —0——24— —0——24
4—-UA3LMR—- —- —1— —23— —0——24
5- EW7A——— — 0— —12— —10——22
6—-RX3PR——- — — —2— —16—- 0——18
7—-R3AR——— — —0— —13—- 0——13
7—-RA1ZZ——— — —2— —11—- 0——13
8—-R2DSU—— — — —0— —11— —0— —11
9—-R7NU—— — — —0—- —10— —0— —10
10—RK3AW—- — — 0— —9—- 0—— 9
11—R7NU/XYL— — — —0—- —8— —0—— 8
12—EW7L/friend— — 0—- —2— — 0—— 2
13—RN3DMB——— —0— —-0— 0— — 0

Awarding for QRQ triathlon

Oleg RD1A, Olga R2DSU (substitutes the winner, Sergey Shimko), Victor, friend of EW7A

Shesh Besh was not included into triathlon program, but the game took place

Results of Shesh Besh championship
Place — Call — Points
2—— RT3A——— — 2
3—— R7NU———— 1
4—— RN3DMB—-—— 0
Awarding of Shesh Besh championship winners

Competition in best picture entitling

Alexey EW7A and Alexey RA3AKF (during preparation to the opening of the convention)

Summing up the results of the competition.

Votes received at the forum and by e-mail from UB3APM, UA3VFL, UR5IHQ, RN3DMB, EW7L were counted.
Results are the following (first figure — number of votes received, in brackets – rating):
• 1 (3rd place) – UA9FAL: “At ‘Mosfilm’ for ‘Seventeen Moments of Spring-2’ shooting”
• 1 (3rd place) – RX3PR: “Firemen training. To be carried out first”
• 1 (2nd place) – UA9FAL: “Pardon impossible to execute. Everyone will decide where the comma is to be put on”
• 1 (2nd place) – UA3AO: “It’s mine!! Or I will drop it…”
• 1 (1st place) – R2SA: “Useless thing but it is sad to throw away. I can not live such way anymore. You are like ‘Royal’ alcohol for me. You kick my legs and do not allow me to walk…” (words of a song)
• 2 (3rd and 1st places) – RX3PR: “Three comrades”
• 2 (1st and 1st places) – UA9FAL: “If anything crops up… we shall use communication means of possible enemy — Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu… But for close fight… nothing is better than our ER. Main task is to rise them up and bring down at enemy head”
• 3 (3rd, 2nd and 2nd places) – UA3LID: “We need to find better place to hide it – radio men are coming again!”
• 3 (3rd, 2nd and 1st places) – RU3TJ: “Warm ‘tube‘ sound is in fashion again”

Thus the winner of the competition with 3 votes (taking into account their crating) is Dmitry, RU3TJ. The prize will be prepared, announced and mailed to the winner.

Preparation for dinner

Valentin R7NU and Oleg RK2AW


And the story of ostrich egg

First we decided to put our signatures on it

Then we decided to fry it and understood that we can not dispense with the drill
Video of drilling:…0902250062150/

Radiograd egg — the coolest egg ion the world (Gennady, RZ3CC)

Exams for obtaining call signs of Vanuatu passed by: RA1ZZ, UA3LMR, RD1A.
Of Tonga: R2SA, UA9FAR.

Everyone passed

QRQ Auto bobsleigh

QRQ-Auto hundred meters race (aka QRQ-Auto bobsleigh) consisted of two stages:

1st stage — speed (QRQ) come-down — participants were speeding the car up down from the hill, distance of 100 had to be overcome, it was necessary to conduct QSO from the car with the station located out of the car during the movement.

2nd stage — speed (QRQ) com-up — participants had to overcome the same 100 meters but in opposite direction — uphill.

During both com-down and up the engine of the car was not running.

Only one team, Dream Team, compiled from most faithful participants of the convention who stayed until Monday, took part in the competition. And Dream Team became the winner of QRQ-Auto bobsleigh in both stages of the competition with following official technical results in both stages:

Dream Team
1st stage (come-down) — 00:30.37 minutes
2nd stage (come-up) — 02:14.78 minutes
Sum of the stages — 02:45.15 minutes
This result is announced as record one and it shall be reference for being beaten at the next convention.
Chief referee of the competition,
Valery, R2SA
After come-up:

Radiograd coins mint

And painting

Albert R3AR — repetition

Timofey (UA3AO/QRP) continues

Oleg RD1A at work

Strict supervising by UA3AO and RX3PR.

And the result

Audio (tele) link-up with Astana: International CW operators Convention — HST World championship
Audio (tele) link-up with New York: International CW operators Convention — Boris Gavrenko, N3SY
Tele link-up Radiograd — New York

Ed NT2X, Sergey NW2Q, friend Valery, Georgy N2HO

Boris N3SY, Sergey NW2Q

List of participants of convention U-QRQ-C-2018


Awards for the first place for RN3F team in Gagarin Cup 2016-2017 are being holily bestowed to Oleg RK3AW

R2DA got the award for RT3F special call sign RT56GC operation in Gagarin Cup 2017.

Rules for “P-10-R” award are fulfilled

Prize drawing

Songs in the afternoon

And in the evening

Comments of participants

HURRAY!!! This year I managed to attend the convention! To be short I must quote classic: “… magnetism of soul and celebration for heart”! Thanks to organizers, everything was cool and groovy (I can nit find another modern words for evaluation)! The only pity is that there are almost no youngsters in our rows…
Good health and 73 to everybody!

Big thanks to organizers and all convention participants for nicely spent weekend! Everything was great, “family-like”.
There were many interesting affairs and competitions, but I don’t want to repeat that many what was written in chronicles.
I was very glad to meet old friends and people I know. I have got a feeling that we were parted only for few days, but whole year passed since our last meeting.
The weather was fine and I managed to sunburn a little during these two days. Fresh air, sun and water (and not only water) in a company of nice people – what can be better?
With pleasure I took part in various competitions and contests, but this year I refrained from QRQ copying of radiograms and call signs as this is dead-end job for me.
I have passed exams for radio amateur call sign of Vanuatu. Examiners prepared catchy questions, but I was ready.
Saturday evening was demonstration of video about our last year RI0C expedition to Iony island in Okhotsk sea. Unfortunately not all members of the expedition attended at the convention – only Slava, UA3LMR and I.
I want to mention separately tasty Radiograd beer brewed specially for the convention. By the time of opening the pub long line was forming to the counter.
And indeed big thanks to Radiograd ladies led by Lilia, EW7L for delicious breakfasts, dinners and suppers! Of cause we tried to help them, but they took main load. I offer to “discharge” them a little next year and fry shashliks in the evenings.

It is difficult to add anything: everything was said spot-on! Life is short and there’s no use to neglect any possibility we get. My wife and I attended QRQ Club convention for the first time – tremendous event! So many new meetings with interesting people, seas of positive emotions. Big gratitude to organizers and to al, all, all thanks to whom it was very interesting, warm and well for us.
Lilia EW7L and Yuri 3W8AA tried their best to organize everybody and at times to tame restless energy of the participants. Reverence to them. Also big thanks to our beautiful ladies who cared about our correct dietary and simply for the fact of their being near us.

Hello to everybody. I have got back home without any adventures.
Truckload of positive emotions.
It’s a pity that I was unable to stay until closing, to fraternize with everyone well, we shall catch it up…
In the evening we had link-up with our overseas countrymen, talked to Ed, NT2X, and in the morning I got a couple of presents as prizes namely from him. It was pleasant, son of a gun! Thanks. Ed. At home my wife and I chewed down Tula gingerbread (also prize) quite not from overseas but it heartened us. With boiled milk jam – delish! (TNX UA3PF).

Convention is over.
UA3AO with grandson, R3AR with backpack and UA3AMY with car reached in safety gasoline station… applied some efforts pushed the car from there… but the engine… did not start even moving down from the slope.
But nice people do live in Russia!
Very first (he was also the last) whom we asked for help — drove closer, took of the battery from his car, brought it to our vehicle, we started the engine, gave him back his battery and… went further.
But we reached only filling station just behind Warsaw trading center at inner MRHW. Then the car refused to go further despite of our mutual desire.
As a result the car was transported by evacuator. UA3AMY went away along with it (how else?) and we… UA3AO called for the taxi, and I for my son. I said goodbye to Valery and Timofey, sat on concrete block and… in a couple of minutes my son drove up on rented car. All the rest was simple and not interesting.
They were finishing touches at convention “canvas”. They did not spoil the picture.
So many meetings! So many impressions! (And anecdotes!).

Many thanks for organizing the convention! It was very pleasant to take part in it (pity that not all days). It was very pleasant to get acquainted and socialize with everybody. Unfortunately I took not so many pictures (the film is not developed yet but there are few of them), but I have recorded video lectures of UA3AO about telegraph keys. Link to video: )

Everything was magically great! Wonderful affair! Big thanks to the organizers: Yuri 3W8AA, Konstantin RT3A, Valery R2SA, Valery UA3AO and to beautiful ladies led by Lilia, EW7L.

And in two weeks:
I would like to thank once more organizers of International CW operators Convention -2018 in Radiograd for nice possibility to socialize with Club mates in atmosphere of free living, free feeding free drinking absolutely, absolutely in contrast with modern trend of fast earning of “easy money”. And it all happened within radius of 100 kilometers from Kremlin! It’s impossible – they all will say! But it happened, I say! This post was inspired by beautiful aftertaste from nice comments of participants and looking through numerous photographs – evidence of what I have told above. Once more, reverence to Konstantin RT3A, Yuri 3W8AA, Lilia EW7L and all ladies of the convention therein!

Aleksey EW7A and I arrived home today at last.
I want to thank participants of the convention — thanks to all of you atmosphere of the convention was so hearty and inviting. Well done! Thanks!

And in two weeks: It dreamed to us…
Not days, but weeks passed already from the finishing of the convention. But we can not forget it… we have dreams about it… That is what dreamed recently to Aleksey, EW7A (I will tell you at his agreement):

“Commerce is allowed in Radiograd. They sell beer for 0.37 for bottle, sausage for 2.20 for kilogram, vodka for 3.62 for bottle. (Prices in rubles in seventies in USSR).
But money is not Soviet — they are “rads”. One can buy them for rubles in Radiograd money exchange points. Or he can mint them by himself at Radiograd mint.
But workpieces for minting “rads” one can obtain only for prize places in competitions.”

Dear organizers of the convention! We thank you immeasurably for your efforts! You gifted everybody unforgettable holiday of HAM spirit! Thanks to all participants of this action for warm socializing and unforgettable impressions. Health, all the best to everybody! With hope for meeting in Radiograd-2019!
73! Valentin R7NU and Elena.

Reading and looking through pictures I have mouthwatering with friendly envy.
The fact that someone of “our fellows” clamed and purchased Radiograd as permanent place of meeting of CW QRQ members deserves deep gratitude. And to those who revived that ex-USSR club… double thanks!
In 2011 was not analogous, but simply Russian CW operators Club (RCWC), without “QRQ” prefix.
But uniting feature was one, rewording Pushkin — “Oh, how many wonderful moments does Morse code melody gift us…”
Already for three years now members of this club gather for their festival on Black Sea shore (near Anapa city).
Not lessening preferences of that QTH (in terms of geography and weather) it would be nice to unite, to complement each other…
So, from my side I will agitate the Council of the club to announce time and place of conducting Radiograd.
If this time for me (in 2019) will not overlap HST World championship in Bulgaria (September, 13-18) like this year, I will set all my heart to you…

I have attended International CW Convention at invitation of Aleksey Vasilyev, EW7A (ex UA3PAV).
In eighteens Alexey was chief of club radio station UK3PBQ, member of which as a young pioneer was I.
Under his supervision I received my first SWL call UA3-160-845, and then UA3PFK.
Around 1980 our paths diverged.
Then army service, institute, wedding, family, children… etc.
In 2004 on a petition of my SRR regional division I was allowed to use call sign of my late father UA3PF (SK in 2001).
Indeed, I never forget radio, but had no contacts with Aleksey for all this time.
But this July I have unexpectedly received from him a letter with invitation to attend the Convention.
I have decided to go there for sure at least for one day; anyhow we did not see each other for about 40 years.
It was pleasant to see the man the same as I remembered him in distant eighties. Cheerful, joyful optimist full of hopes for future…
I would like to express special gratitude to his wife Lilia, EW7L and to all organizers for warm reception.
It is a pity that we could not socialize with Aleksey longer due to his business as convention organizer, but I think that next year we shall improve the situation.
Thanks to all for the holiday!

I liked very much the atmosphere of our convention. It is necessary to pay tribute to organizers. Very strict management and consistent fulfillment of planned but without obtrusive chores.
I have got great pleasure from socializing with people whom I only met on the air previously.
Everyone of us is talented man. And everyone found entertainment at his wish. Talks around the campfire and admiring musical duets. On-air operation. And telegraph competition with high results demonstrated in “relaxing” enough atmosphere. Dmitry UA3AGW and Vladimir UA9BA, I was admired with your ears — large loudspeakers and echo on open air, everything was disturbing. Well done! And stories of UA3AO about the keys with their demonstration. And “telegraph across the ocean”. And stories about wonderful expeditions. And even painting to which even I hade a hand at.
And most important — female care upon living and feeding of this whole male community. Everything was into the measure and in good taste.
Big thank you, brothers!

And of fans
Best wishes to all participants of the convention who physically and virtually presented in Radiograd!!! Great amount of pictures speaks for itself!
Many thanks to my friend Konstantin Khachaturov RT3A ex UW3HV, who sent me invitation for the convention! I liked collective picture, at it my friend Gennady RZ3CC looks like “YOUNGSTER” of 50-ies-60-ies, way to go!
I am sorry that I was unable to take part in the convention as it was before due to objective and subjective reasons (visa etc …). But I kept on fighting to the end.

And in conclusion
Now when the convention is over it is very interesting to read picturesque messages about all variety of events at the convention and to compare tremendous plans of Roman 3W3RR and other participants with their actual implementation. Basically if not to take into account crucians got hidden in lake mud everything else was successfully realized. Good socializing, tele link ups, various competitions, exams, movies, songs and even above-target Shesh Besh.
And it is even difficult to imagine what same interesting one could offer for the next convention.

Convention ended, everybody departed for their homes, and I was reading the forum and thinking what could I say to the participants and fans that were unable to get to the convention but inalterably were present here at the forum sending their greetings in numerous letters. In video addresses and on-air.

You have conducted it all together. Well fit were such innovations as shooting, painting and Shesh Besh. And the convention was conducted as good as last year. You have made it so that take with you most pleasant and good impressions. About superb hospitality of Radiograd, about meetings with friends, about new familiarities. To make it unforgettable with the hope to meet next year again.

Once more thanks to Roman for nice plan and to everybody for good memories and nice photos!

Thanks to everybody! Well done!
Good health, good luck and till new meetings!
Konstantin, RT3A
President of UQRQC

Radiograd 31.12.2018 г.

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