No UQRQC conventions were held after 1994. But one day in the spring of 2017 while recalling past times together with Roman 3W3RR we started to talk about the Club and those previous conventions. And the thought appeared — what’s wrong with their rebirth? Roman said that he had one idea about the place of its conduction, and that he will know out everything and will inform me. Soon after that he reported that he had a talk to his old friend, Yuri Brazhenko, together with whom he was in DX-pedition to Vietnam. Yuri owned the place for conducting the convention and I had to meet with him and discuss everything.

Yuri explained — here will be smithy, there will be a branch of Industrial Culture Museum, and it is possible to choose any place for conducting the convention. This was Tula oblast, Zaoksky region.

In few days after one hour trip from Moscow we got at the place. It was very large territory not so far from the border with Moscow oblast; there was a house, electric power, free space for the tents and antennas. We have decided to conduct the convention on August 25-28, and preparations begun.

Convention’s e-mail address was created on portal, and at QRZ.RU forum topic devoted to the convention and Club’s history was opened: International CW operators’ convention and history of U-QRQ-C

And it has begun! Stories of participants of previous conventions, their impressions, reminiscences and photos, photos. Some friends pictured on them who had gone already… Once Mila UA3WFM started sizeable album and filled it with pictures from the conventions and then passed it to me. I have made the scans of pictures and placed them at forum.

There we were guesstimating the program of the convention. As we did it before we have decided to invite not only U-QRQ-C members, but all CW enthusiasts. Every participant shall be awarded with certificate. Valery UA3AO proposed to hold mini-competitions in sending with classical telegraph keys — Morse key, vibroplex, two-sided key. The task would be sending short text (for example, “HELLO TO UQRQC CONVENTION PARTICIPANTS”) on each of these keys. It was planned to put into the lake one hundred of crucians and to arrange fishing competition. And at last archery and pistol shooting competitions were added to sports program.

Valery R2SA agreed to become referee and Aleksey RA3AKF assumed a duty of providing communication with arriving participants on 145.500 MHz.

Map of travel route from Moscow appeared:

And nearest to the place of convention landmark – wonder tree, pine of unusual sharp:

Coordinates of end point  garden lots, wonder tree  54.765057, 37.507984

And also information for those who managed to got to Headquarters (inscription on the stone: “Stay here! They will come for you.”)

Roman announced approximate menu of field kitchen:

Breakfast 1: Cereal, quark, honey.
Dinner 1: Okroshka, potatoes with stewed meat, compote.
Supper 1: Pilaf
Breakfast 2: Oatmeal, sir!
Dinner 2: Borsch, navy-style macaroni, compote.
Supper 2: Fish soup of crucians caught,

and reported: there will be no commerce in any way at the convention — everything will be for free, from accommodation to field kitchen.

And soon those coming to the convention got possibility to assure themselves in it — for every participant Yuri prepared little backpack with all the necessary, organizers wore T-shirts with the motto of the convention, and meter-size blocks of superb Byelorussian stewed meat cans were the evidence of the fact that convention could last at least couple of weeks more.

Earlier than others, two weeks before the opening of the convention Victor W3RDX arrived.

First he fixed up the computer, reloaded OS and killed the virus, and then he started to share his impressions:

“It is very beautiful and nice place. Forests and fields are all around, young little pines and 1.5 meters high chamomiles grow here, lots of strawberry, but its season is over, I think”.

Typical landscape for this place. This ping-pong table is in unique copy and is at participants’ disposal.

Sometimes one can see this view:

Serebryanny (“Silver”) — young and fractious beautiful stallion.

On August, 15 operation under convention call R73QRQ got started. On August, 18 Aleksey RA3AKF arrived to fix up the territory.

Five days later Vladimir UA9FAR from Perm joined him.

Golden and silver crucians were all numbered and put into the lake.

Broken tractor was found. It was repaired and it was decided to operate from it with convention call sign.

Forging machinery arrived. Blacksmith said that he will underpour about 15 tons into the foundation for threshing machine would stay evenly and work like a clock. Coins with the logo of convention will be minted during the convention. And it was said that everybody could mint them by themselves.

In competition program CLASSIC-UNIVERSAL these keys will be offered to the participants as first option:

In second option of this program participants will be allowed to use their own semi-automatic electronic keys.

Greeting from the founder and first chief operator of U5ARTEK amateur radio station Boris Gavrenko N3SY (ex UB5SY) arrived.

Yuri Gagarin, “KEDR” on the air at U5ARTEK amateur radio station on August, 20 1966.

Boris Gavrenko in 1955.

And now:

“I would like to see you all! Unfortunately I can not come now – it’s great pity!!! But I love you all, I remember you all and I wish all of you health and prosperity!”

Question with QSL manager for R73QRQ was decided. It will be Alexander RG5A.

Thanks to Industrial Culture Museum, those participants who have no transport will be transported to the place of the convention by this bus:

Sergey UA9FAL is carefully watching for the preparations for the convention and wishes success to the fishermen.

Toivo Laimitainen wishes all the best to the participants of the convention R1CC (ex R3AR, RA3AR, UV0IA)

Fritz HB9CSA (aka DL4FDM) (U-QRQ-C # 89) was sorry that he was unable to come due to busy time at his work, but promised to come next time for sure, all the more so as he diligently has been studying Russian for three years already.

On 7 – 12 of September 2017 in Hungary will be held 14th World high-speed radio telegraphy championship, where HB9CSA will perform for Switzerland team.

Wish from Fritz to all participants: “For everything be it interesting and joyful. For sure!”

Preparation is going on:

Vladimir UA9FAR, Aleksey RA3AKF and Sergey R3YC are making announcements board for the convention.

RT3A, UA9FAR and Karen EK7DX are preparing the place for the charcoal grill.

It is difficult to say if threshing machine sat on its foundation or not. But all those who wish were provided with strong shrub, complete die, copper workpieces and nice new weighty hammer.
First Radiograd coin. It was minted before the beginning of the convention, on August, 24 at 22:50.

By this time we have had a chance to get the tents and prepare the cabin near the lake for staying overnight (wooden floor was laid), problem with the tents got not so big already.

To the address of the convention were received the letters from President of Syrian Scientific Technical Amateur Radio Society (SSTARS) Omar Shabsigh YK1AO, who expressed his pity about impossibility to come, from President of Radio Club Venezolano (RCV) Alfredo Medina YV5SF, President of Rede dos Emissores Portugueses (REP) Jose Carlos B. Nora CT1END with wishes of success to all participants of the convention and from John VE3EJ who was sorry that he was unable to come due to the lack of time for preparation for the trip, but next time…


All the roads lead to

Yuri Brazhenko

Konstantin RT3A

Mats SM6LRR, RM2D with the flag of Sweden.

RA1ZZ, EW7A, RK3AW, RN4W, RT5C, son of RT5C

Lilia EW7L with the prize passed to the convention by Arnold EW7SP

From St. Petersburg to Moscow… Aleksey EW7A and Lilia EW7L (Mogilev, Byelorussia).

Dmitry RA9USU

Armenian delegation at the convention: Karen EK7DX and Arsen EK6SI

Students of Moscow Art and Polygraphists Institute together with convention participants decorate wonder tree with their art works.

This is a photo from the Second all-Russian Schoolchildren Radio Games (high speed telegraphy, ARDF etc) Vologda city, 1969. Participants of this Games EW7L and UA9FAR met each other again many years later at the convention. Third participant, UA9FAL, recalls how much they wished to get acquainted with this pretty girl.

Maid with the paddle and her army of admirers

Letters to the address of the convention:

To the address of the convention arrived the letters from President of Amateur Radio Society of India (ARSI) Gopal Madhavan, VU2GMN, General Secretary of Chinese Radio Amateur Club (CRAC) Hu Yin BD1AZ and from manager of Hungarian Amateur Radio Society Laszlo Berszenyi HA5EA.

Laszlo HA5EA was distressed that they received information about the convention too late, and they have no time to get to the convention in time, but all CW men of Hungary are informed and will look for R73QRQ, in such way participating in “QRQ CW Rally”. Hungarian Amateur Radio Society wishes success to the convention!

Hu Yin BD1AZ from behalf of all CW short wave operators of China also wishes success to the participants and reports that information about the convention is placed at Chinese short wave forum.

Ed NT2X:
Hurrrrray to participants of U-QRQ-C convention!
Hello to party boys and lovers of slooooow Morse code!
I wish you to have good time, to get fed with the charge of young energy and collect the impressions. People, take more pictures! Eh, I will not be there…

I am looking on with admiring envy; I would like to be there with you moreover there will be lot of familiar faces with whom I even drunken not-tea from shot glasses.

Leonid R7KBB:
Have seen familiar faces of Crimean. Big hello to Boris Gavrenko, ex UB5SY. I’ve got my first communicational receiver “KROT” with his help. I dragged it from Yalta literally on my “hunchback”. My friend who was trying to help me “kicked off” on the platform and I had to load the receiver on my back – I even do not know how I managed to take that weight. Electric train to Dzhankoi was on the third rail track. I managed to throw the receiver into the tambour and rushed back for my friend and power supply. We have got just in time. Electric train’s doors closed behind my back. So is the story from my amateur radio youth. At the picture is me, happy owner of the technique .

Alexander UA3QAM:
Such a bad luck – I still can not find R73QRQ on the air! All time long I monitor «REVERSE BEACON NETWORK» – this call rarely appears and usually on the band that is in “dead zone” for me But I do not lose the hope. My 73 to all participants!!!

Topics in English about International CW operators Convention and “QRQ CW Rally” R73QRQ are placed at DXNews and portals.
Antenna is erected,

Equipment checking.

Left to right — sitting are Vitaly UA3LDU and Dmitry R3GM, standing are Oleg UA5B and Valery R2SA.


Map of the place of the convention

Movie… will be demonstrated

Vasily RA1ZZ and Vyacheslav UA3LMR tell the company about the expedition of their team RI0C to Iony island.

Vasily RA1ZZ

Winner of crucian fishing competition Anatoly RN3DMB and chief referee of the convention Valery R2SA.

Valery UA3AO announces the beginning of CW competition.

Fishermen calmed down and competition begun.

Valery UA3AO is explaining the rules,

Valery R2SA is filling the table of results in course of competition.

Sending with straight key, Igor RN4W.


Dmitry RA9USU

Sergey R3YC

Chief referee of the convention Valery R2SA sums up the results of radiograms sending competition. They were run in two rounds. Participants could enter the competition in any of these rounds or in both of them. In both rounds it was necessary to send the same short text in shortest time. The winner was determined by least sum of the seconds spent for sending the text. Not more than 3 mistakes were allowed. Every mistake added 5 penalty seconds to the time of sending. Correction was not counted as a mistake.

In the first round it was necessary to send the text with 3 different classical keys: with strait vertical Morse key, with two-sided mechanical key and with vibroplex (“bug”).

In the second round participant had to send the text with one of three classical telegraph keys and with electronic key (not iambic).

Only two participants were able to enter the first round, as most of participants had experience of work only on straight vertical key, and were not acquainted with two-sided key or vibroplex or they worked on such classical keys very long ago.

Table of results of the first round:

Place/Call/Name/Vertical key/Two-sided key/Vibroplex/Total

1 UA3AO Valery 22 22 24 68
2 UA3LDU Vitaly 35 37 24 96

In the second round Valery UA3LDU have chosen vibroplex as classical key, all the rest were sending with vertical Morse key.

Table of results of the second round:

Place/Call/Name/Classical key/Electronic key/Total

1 UA3LDU Vitaly 24 13 37
2 RU9USU Dmitry 26 15 41
2 UA3X Veniamin 23 18 41
3 UA3AO Valery 22 22 44
4 RN4W Igor 27 19 46
5 RN3AG Valery 27 21 48
5 UA5B Oleg 23 25 48
6 R3YC Sergey 33 16 49
7 SM6LRR Mats 23 27 50
8 UA3AGW Dmitry 38 14 52
9 RA1ZZ Vasily 33 28 61
10 RK3P Eugeny 42 20 62
11 UB3DDA Igor 55 33 88
11 EK7DX Karen 51 37 88
12 EW7L Lilia 77 28 105

Based on the results of two rounds of the competition all-round results were summarized by minimal sum of seconds in 1st and 2nd rounds.

Table of all-round results:

Place/Call/Name/1st round/2nd round/Total

1 UA3AO Valery 68 44 112
2 UA3LDU Vitaly 96 37 133

In course of conducting the convention appeared idea of arranging competition in copying call signs with RUFZ computer program. The winner was determined per maximum speed at which at least one of 50 sent call signs was copied.

Table of results of RUFZ competition:


1 RD1A 388
2 RA9USU 289
3 SM6LRR 281
4 UA3LDU 273
5 EW7A 265
5 UA5B 265
6 RA1ZZ 243
7 EW7L 186

Table of competition results

R73QRQ is on air

R73QRQ/MM, EK7DX/MM — 145 MHz. Oleg RD1A is under oars.


and after-dinner rest





Oleg, RK3AW

After the rest we have got busy with Radiograd coins minting

We minted them enough for all, but ended up so:

But by this time the pub got opened. The beer had been brewed for two months, and they said it was excellent.

Participants of the convention brought gifts with them. They were raffled in accordance with the rules — were got out from the sack. And unique occasion occurred — Karen EK7DX won Armenian cognac. And everybody tried this gift.

Planting of Radioforest. Fruit trees – plum trees, apple trees.


Preparation for the departure.

Evening shashlicks.

Ceremonial retreat,

picture for memory:

and autographs.

Tele (phono) link-ups of the convention

Vladivostok, Russia: tele link-up with Arthur UA0NL

Chernigov, Ukraine: tele link-up with Vladimir UZ1RR

New York, UAS: tele link-up with Boris N3SY

Poti, Georgia: tele link-up with Pavel 4L1R

Moscow, Russia: tele link-up with Gennady RZ3CC

New York, USA: tele link-up with Edward NT2X

Minsk, Belarus: tele link-up with Valentin EU1AA (ex UC2AA)

South Carolina, USA: tele link-up with Roman 3W3RR

For all with whom tele links-up were established personal trees were planted in Radiograd: they too took part in the convention, anyway.


The convention came to the end and on Monday last participants went homes.

During the time of convention and after it many words of greetings, good wishes and thanks were received to its address. Here are some of them:

Vladimir UA9BA:

My congratulations to participants of International CW operators’ Convention 2017!

I have read all the posts at the forum, looked through photos and movies and understood that I have missed very important, nicely organized hearty radio amateur event.

My congratulations with successful affair to participants of International CW operators’ Convention 2017, conducted under the aegis of U-QRQ-C!

Such greeting may seem too pompous to someone, but I think that participants will understand me correctly. If to slice and dice everything it will turn out that the convention was carried out on pure enthusiasm of just few men. I don’t want to offend anybody with detail listing and missing someone, but I want to say separately about two persons.

Indeed they are Konstatnin Khachaturov and the principal of Radiograd, Yuri Brazhenko.

And no wonder — the affair was conducted on non-commercial basis! But we do live in 2017, and everyone around tries his best to commercialize his “every sneeze”. So once more my congratulations with successful amateur radio event!

Unfortunately I was unable to attend it due to several objective reasons. I am very sorry about missed possibility to socialize with my club mates and not only with them, the more so in such a friendly atmosphere. Next year I will try my best to get to the convention.

Vladimir Umanets, UA9BA U-QRQ-C #4

Valery UA3AO: Many participants of the Convention already shared their photo and movie materials and expressed their thanks to organizers of this international holiday of QRQ CW lovers. From the very first minutes of being on Radiograd territory I felt special unusually friendly attention — I was met, invited to the house and offered to reside myself in the cabinet of convention Headquarters. Then followed meetings with the people for decades familiar to me from the air and from previous U-QRQ-C conventions 20 ago … many are SK already… and acquaintance with the participants of the convention.

This “first pancake” turned to be far from being “lumpy” — EVERYTHING was organized in brilliant manner! Working program as it seemed to me became what was proposed in minutest details by Roman 3W3RR at QRZ.RU forum long before the convention. I would like to live up to the day when I could shake his hand.

My sincerest thanks to the management of Radiograd, to organizational committee and to participants of organizing process — to Konstantin RT3A, to Yuri, welcoming principal of Radiograd, to Irina – radiocook of international class, to Victor W3RDX, to Roman 3W3RR — constantly having a finger on the pulse of the convention, to Valery R2SA and to many others!

I ask to accept my book “The keys that connected continents” for the library of Radiograd.


Konstantin RT3A:

Dear friends!
Participants of the convention, those who wanted to be with us but the circumstances did not allow it to them and those who had been searching for R73QRQ during all these days and conducting contacts with Radiograd!

Yet before the beginning of the convention organizational committee received many messages with regrets about impossibility to attend at the convention and wishes for its successful run. Now, when these days have passed but the memory still tightly holds smiling faces, laugh, good words and melody of R73QRQ sounding, I want to say thank you to all of you! Only thanks to you the convention run in such beautiful friendly atmosphere. And the words of gratitude here at the forum and in the letters are addressed to each one of you. You have made the convention!

This convention was conducted many years after first six ones were conducted in nineties. Many of you even before its finish were speaking about necessity to meet in the next year. I hope that we shall be able to do it.

Health and successes in our Radio to everybody!

73! RT3A

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