Conventions of 1989-1994

By the moment of creation of U-QRQ-C conduction of conventions became good amateur radio tradition. After on-air acquaintance such meetings were making HAMs closer, allowing them share their skills, get known about technical novelties and take part in various contests and competitions. And above all it was simply nice rest at forest openings near the river or lake. Such meetings in Baltic, in Sub-Moscow and in many other places left pleasant unforgettable memories.

Indeed in making plans for the future conducting of the convention was on the first place. We had just to find the place and choose the time.

We had quickly determined the time – August. Looking for the place we had to drive from Moscow down the nearest Kaluga highway looking left and right at vicinities. In ten kilometers at left side from the highway between the houses placed in a row wide opening appeared. Left of it asphalt pathway ran and in its very beginning there was kempt well. Under its shed bail filled with clean water stood fixed to the pull rope.

Having walked about two hundred meters across the opening we have found that from the left side it was crescent taped into the forest forming free area surrounded by the forest from three sides with dimensions one hundred by seventy meters. Behind the trees at its extreme edge little rivulet ran. Its flow showed that it felt into Desna river which run one kilometer from the highway. This part of the opening was ideal place for conducting the convention – we would not disturb anybody, nothing sounded from the highway’s side and at the same time it was near and hence bus station Sosenki-2 was quite near. And the well too, what was not least.

Invitations were sent out to the members of the Club:

Secretary of USSR Radio Sports Federation Presidium Nikolay Kazansky UA3AF was personally invited. He gave approval for U-QRQ-C creating, he heard our on-air election meetings and it was interesting for him to attend out first convention.

And preparation began. We had good four places tents and AB-2 gasoline generator at out Moscow city radio club – we have purchased them previously for trips of Moscow team to in-person and remote USSR championships. Transceiver of Vladimir Drozdov RA3AO’s design, PA with GU-74B tube, mast and antennas was our set for in-person participation in championships. We took beddings on hire and Mosulishvili brothers Vladimir RA3ABZ and Igor RA3AHI helped us to transport everything to the opening by GAZ-53 truck. All following conventions including 1994 were prepared and conducted such way.

1989. First day of the convention:

Many pictures placed here were taken from the album of Mila UA3WFM which she created for U-QRQ-C.

And her song which she devoted to the first U-QRQ-C convention:
To first convention of QRQ Club.
Sleepy coaches are shining with the Sun,
Sub-Moscow gifts us pleasant cool.
And at its green slopes
Mini-town is awaiting us already.

Refrain: Birds get embarrassed by CQ call,
Antenna’s dash is dancing above the tent.
Hello, QRQ Club fellows!
Here we are and hence everything is alright.

The hands of Kosta, Slava, Mila
Are getting laid on the log.
And though our traffic is negligibly small
Everyone gets happy being part of it.

Refrain: Joyful CQ flies away from the fields,
And exactly in time as it always been on Saturdays
QRQ Club fellows are awaiting us
And the key draws and sings without a hitch

Rainy evening gathered us all
And everybody came into the tent to the ting of guitar
How old friend of us you are, Luydmila,
And the rain, we see knew about it for a long time.

Refrain: Guitar sings vibrant CQ,
It is warm and quiet as if we were in the guestroom
Let us remember this meeting of QRQ Club,
Moscow, fellows antenna and Konstantin!

L. Fyodorova UA3WFM, 1989.


Dimitr Drachev LZ1BC (silent key), Valery Agabekov UA6HZ (silent key), Lyudmila Fyodorova UA3WFM and German Ushakov UA3NU.


Sergey Sassov ES4AA (ex RR2RW).

Eugeny Ivanov UA4CH (silent key in June 2001).



Konstantin Khachaturov UW3HV (now RT3A), Brian Crook VE3CRG and Valery Begunov UW3HY (now RU3HY).

Oscar Verbank (SK) ex-president of EHSC & EU CW Association




Standing: ?? UA4CH, UA4YR, UA3WFM, UA3LDU, ES4AA & YL, UA6AUA. Kneeling: ??, Damir UA3ABW, ??3dz, RZ3DZ.




In the summer of 1994 we as usually assembled everything needed for convention conduction, loaded it into the car and for the sixth time went to the opening which became native for us. Actually proximity to Moscow and Kaluga highway withy busy traffic had to attract those wishing to rest at the nature, and not only in the summer season. But during all these years we only few times saw passing by towards Desna parents with kids.
But that day turned to be exclusive one — we drove closer and saw the booth looking like beer booth and a man standing near it. He came out at the sound of our engine. We stopped and asked him what was it the booth. It turned that some people have purchased all this territory and were going to built cottages here, and he was guarding that territory.
We got acquainted, told him about our annual conventions on that opening and asked him if we shall disturb him. He had no objections, so we drove in, placed as usual and then invited him to our table.
The times were rapidly changing; common space was reducing giving way to endless constructions and that convention turned to be the last one.

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